I’m a botanist, and a wild one. Degree and PhD framed on the wall, and legs working all day out in woods and meadows till dark. Everytime the same mistake: shops are closed now, what will I eat tonight? That’s how my passion for wild edibles begun. Simple as that! I had the biggest source of fresh, free and delicious food right at my hand all daylong, so why not collect some on my way, waiting for GPS to catch his satellites? What a fun!

Some research on the subject deepened my interest, getting to know historical, cultural and cooking facts. So here I am, to share my growing knowledge and my experiments (even the unsuccessful ones).

My kitchen laboratory

As you might have guessed my cooking-style is kind of “super healthy, a lot of veggies, superspeed recipes, might eat tomorrow, maybe i will bring it in my surveys, so it must be good also if it’s cold”.

Italian food, but finger-food style, if possible. Very easy-to bring or chat&eat food for parties with my friends. Hopefully some surprising weeds recipe ready in freezer, when friends rush unexpected at home.

I enjoy cooking experimental recipes in my kitchen laboratory!

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